Each day, we get to have a glimpse of a brand new model of smart phones as well as new or improved versions of software to install in smart phones. Indeed, there is a rapid growth in the technology of smart phones (check out www.refurbishediphones.ie/). Today, mobile phones aren’t merely for making and receiving calls or massages anymore. The technology has become a universal tool and is contesting with computers, televisions as well as other technologies since it is very much capable of connecting to the Internet similar to computers, play music like radios, play films like a television, and even take videos and photographs like a camera.

Why Should You Not View Movies on Your Smart Phone

With all these features in one technology, it’s no surprise why majority of people would want to own a smart phone. However, although smart phones come with these features, there are things that we should consider not doing via our smart phones, for instance not watching or streaming movies. Here are a few reasons why movies shouldn’t be viewed on smart phones:

It is Impairs your Health

There is no comfy or relaxing way for you to view and enjoy a movie on a smart phone, ergonomically speaking. Although you may be sitting on a custom-made chair to fit you, you are still prone to straining your neck making an effort to have a good view of the movie on such a small screen. Likewise, if you hold up your phone at eye level, you’ll likely wear out your arms. Moreover, squinting or narrowing your eyes aggravates eye strain effects.

It Diminishes the Value of the Art of Film Making

Simply because you could do something or anything with your smartphone doesn’t imply you ought to do it. Being able to view practically any film at anytime and anywhere signifies that movies or films have turned into a white noise; existing in the background at all times however more and more valued and appreciated less.

It Pulls Down or Eliminates the Movie Experience

A lot of film makers give their very best to create movies that is best enjoyed and experienced in a proper television and/or movie theater. Elements such as lighting and sounds give viewers a great experience of the movie. However, since streaming and downloading of movies are possible in smartphones, they are compressed into a tiny screen which cuts the overall movie experience. Additionally, some smartphones could ruin the resolution, sounds, and other elements of the movie that makes it great.