Simple plug-in games or puzzles are perfect. We have collected a few ideas for games from 1 year onwards for your child to learn new discoveries and have fun.

Which games are suitable for children from 1 year old?

Toys for 1-year-olds don’t have to be fancy. You have probably already noticed after the first few months: everything your baby sees is a toy! The simpler and simpler household items often serve the purpose even better. Examples of how you can make baby toys yourself can also be found below in the text.

Always pay attention to safety. The toy should be age and development appropriate and your child should not be able to injure themselves or swallow small parts. Colors and materials should also be non-toxic.

Toys for 1-year-olds: Our selection

Here you will find a lot of play ideas for 12 to 24-month-old children.

  • Puzzle: simple wooden or cardboard puzzle
  • Vehicles: made of wood or plastic with more details
  • Books: picture books that are also suitable for touching and reading books with recurring sentences or rhymes that the child recognizes.
  • Sound toys: music boxes, drums, simple musical instruments such as tonewoods or small chimes.
  • Plug-in rings: rings of different colors are put on a stick according to their size
  • Pyramids: cups or similar fit into or on top of each other
  • Train toys: Everything that has wheels and can be pulled on a belt
  • Pens: thick wax or colored pencils and large sheets of paper (or the back of wallpaper scraps, wrapping paper)

Ideas for toys: baby 1 year

  • My first brick box with pull-along animals from LEGO Duplo
  • My first bus from LEGO Duplo
  • Small children’s wax crayons from GiBot, without toxins and easy to grasp
  • My first big animal feel book, Ravensburger Buchverlag
  • Fold-away books from DUDEN
  • Various Tut Tut Baby Flitzer from Vtech
  • Xylophone cart for pulling Janod
  • Skittles by Sigikid, washable
  • Xylophone head track by Eichhorn

Playing outside with 1-year-olds

These outdoor games are great fun for your child:

Sandpit. There is probably no toddler who doesn’t like to dig in the sand and get creative with a shovel and mold.
Water bowl/bucket with sieve, funnel, or mug, splashing around in the water is fun! And when items from the kitchen are also used, things get really exciting. Then soups are made in no time and a tea hour is prepared.

Soap bubbles. The fascination of the flying bubbles will surely cast a spell over your child. Can it catch one of the soap bubbles? A popular classic as a job from 1 year.

Learn how to make bubbles yourself from the video below.

Movement and play games

The perfect activity for toddlers from 1 year of age are simple games in which the little ones can let off steam – these games are suitable for outdoors and indoors.

  • Simple movement games like “My right seat is free” or “Journey to Jerusalem”
  • Playing hide-and-seek. Make sure to consider the age of your child and be easy to find. If it’s not hiding itself too well, keep looking for it for a while. Try to let your child be part of your search by calling out for them or wondering out loud where they might be. You will see that this will spark great enthusiasm in your little one.
  • Romping games. Whether in the meadow or in the parents’ bed – romping around, tickling and then cuddling a bit are not only a lot of fun for your child: Playing together is a wonderful mixture of active play and valuable closeness between parents and child. Of course, the same applies when romping around: Safety first!

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