Living in an apartment with your dog? Life can be fun and frustrating at the same time. It is fun in a way that you have a companion who is with you all the time, waiting for you to get home and frustrating as well for having not much to do.

Well, what more when rainy days come? It keeps your trips outside with your dog or other errands with them in halt.

With simple ways of keeping your pet entertained can curb their boredom behaviors. Furthermore, it can give you an assurance that your dog is not getting cabin fever.

When these two hits your canine, expect the worst after you get home.

Now, let’s take it out of the way by following some approaches we sourced from aeon reviews. Or if you want additional info and other cool stuff, you can follow on the link.

Hide & Seek

Turn this classic kid’s game into a game that you play with your dog. When hidden, call out their name. While doing so, see to it that you’re just within a short distance and in an easy spot to find. Through this, the skill level of your dog will gradually improve and become smarter as you practice. Try pushing your dog to the limit on how far you could hide from them.

Use Interactive Feeders and Toys


Let’s face the fact that we not always have the ability or time to be hands-on with our beloved pets. There will be instances that work or socialization will call us. This leaves us having no time with our pet. Don’t let your dog feel that they are not loved. There are countless of interactive toys made today which keeps them occupied than turning knobs, opening drawers or sniffing around in the kitchen to steal treats.

With these interactive toys and feeders, it is going to give them their daily source of entertainment and fun!

Egg Hunts

Do you think that this only fits on Easter? Wrong! Packing plastic eggs with yummy treats and hiding around your apartment and it’ll keep them sniffing all throughout the day. A truly simple yet ultra effective way of keeping them busy and entertained.