Campus activities are one of the best things about being a student. No matter what time of day, day of the week or time, something exciting and exciting will happen on campus. It can be as simple as learning dinner at midnight pancakes, or much more complicated than a treasure hunt all day, but it’s hard to get bored when you’re on a college campus.

If you are a member of the Student Activities Committee (or staff of the Student Activities Center) and are looking for ideas on campus activities, check out our 18 guides to great ideas for campus activities. This is a good starting point if you don’t have new activity ideas and need fine-tuning in the right direction.

Activities That Impress Colleges!

Some of the items in this list belong to the “College Entertainment” category. We are also talking about bands, singers, composers, magicians, comedians and public speakers in the “Entertainment” category. If you decide to book a college celebrity and don’t know what to do next, this guide is for you.

It doesn’t have to be that complicated when you’re preparing for coffee time or studying late at night. Make it possible! During my time in college, I find a lot of help from hired help to do my assignment while I find artists,  sign contracts, set performances for the show, promote the event itself and make everything go smoothly. It’s that simple. And, if you’ve never done it before. But it can also be so overwhelming but a lot of fun.

Booking a celebrity and holding a successful event isn’t always easy, but it’s completely feasible. The key is to learn how the whole process works in advance and make sure you don’t miss something important (or don’t forget something important).

How to find college entertainment

The first step in providing legitimate entertainment to students on campus is to find a celebrity yourself. How to contact them directly? Where can I find contact information?

If you are a member of the Student Activities Committee, you can receive emails, social media posts, and real packaging from artists and celebrities who want to book a school (now these days are becoming increasingly rare).

Working directly with these artists is an option, but not necessarily the best. The reason is simple. It is difficult to study these entertainers in advance. Of course, social media followers or videos look great, but would you like to have the opportunity to talk to the artist you are in touch with? What if they peel off? How about staying at the end of the show?

The National Association of Campus Activities, or NACA, does not rely on video and email to determine whether an artist is legal, but it is a popular means of finding entertainment in schools. Each year, NACA organizes national and multi-regional meetings (South, Central, Central Atlantic, Central America, Northeast, West and North Plains). The conference provides face-to-face meetings with artists and agents to faculty and students on campus. You can actually watch the artist’s performance and decide if it suits your campus.