Coffee has always played a part in American films, from Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Coffee and Cigarettes. Coffee is perhaps among the best accessory to define a character and settings in a film.

However, not all coffee is the same, and not all movies are shown at the most popular or decisive moments. we have spoken to dozens of movie fans, chatted with some of the best baristas in the world, and watch movies on Netflix like there is no tomorrow.

To be honest, we’re very glad we didn’t do anything like that but brew ourselves a great mug of coffee with ninja specialty coffee maker while researching on this project. Well, this list doesn’t require a lot of work. But we were still able to come up with the best movies with the best coffee moments in American films.

1991 Film – The L.A. Story

The coffee craze has not fully taken off in the ’90s but Steve Martin in the movie L.A. Story has somehow triggered the coffee craze. a scene in the movie – A table sat the yuppies and detailed their orders to the waiter. What!’s really hilarious is the thought of decaf coffee. Is there such a thing? Or half double decaf half-caf with lemon?

1998 Film – You’ve Got Mail

Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) sets an interesting and profound idea for what we have now (Starbucks) in his AOL message to Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan). He says wrote – People in the world who don’t know what they’re doing or who they are can do if they buy a cup of coffee for $ 2.95. You get not only a great cup of coffee but something that defines oneself. He then added – tall, decaf, cappuccino. At that time, you cannot really get a tall decaf for that amount of money.

1997 Film – Men In Black

This movie is hilarious with aliens serving coffee. Agent J asked Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith respectively) if he wants coffee, Agent K turned him down. And that’s perhaps the best because coffee is being served by worm-like aliens. The lesson in the movie’s coffee moment – always know where your coffee is coming from.

2014 Film – The Lego Movie

This is a short scene, yet it shows a well-known trend – the coffee prices in chain coffee shops are just unreasonably expensive. $37 for coffee. And you see a set of construction workers holding the same cup as if they don’t have their own self identity at all. Yet the Lego Movie is a classic loved by so many.

2005 Film – Kicking and Screaming

The film has a whole subplot focused on coffee. When Phil (played by Will Ferrell) aims to beat his father’s little league soccer team, he asked his father’s neighbor, Mike Ditka, for an advice. Mike pushed Phil to drink coffee, something that Phil despise being a health-obsessed person as he is. Later on, Phil became a frequent coffee drinker.