When the first film is completed, amateur filmmakers are not allowed to rest on their work. Now it is time to invest time and patience in marketing the plant and making it known.

Tips to promote amateur films

Draw up a financial plan


If you want to market your film and make it known, you have to invest money first. In this case, it is helpful to have a comprehensive financial plan. This means that it is possible to precisely calculate the costs that have to be expected for the PR work. With their later income, they can quickly repay the loan taken out.

Maintain online channels

Online channels are of great importance for creative people. Facebook, Twitter and Co. offer innumerable means to market the film and to make users aware of it. Regular presence and the posting of topic-specific content are important. Contacts can also be made via social networks, for example, to find sponsors for further ideas. Some people use to download Youtube with Keepvid and you might want to check this as well.

Use other websites as platforms

Guest posts and sponsored articles on other websites help promote amateur film. For related pages, ask whether they are interested in working with you. Your video will not only be published on the company’s homepage but ideally also be broadcast on social networks.

Your own online presence

A website of its own is essential for every amateur filmmaker. Here already published works can be exhibited and references shared. Fans and cooperation partners can contact the site and find out about new projects.


Film festivals and events repeatedly offer amateur filmmakers the chance to take part in competitions. If the film that has already been produced fits the requirements, participation offers another opportunity to promote the work. At best, the film will be broadcast as part of the event and thus attract attention.

Regional TV channels

In order to increase the awareness of the film, amateur filmmakers should contact regional television stations. If you like the work, broadcast it on your channel. Even if the airtime is late in the evening or at night, the film is then stored in your archive. Good and rewarding publicity for any filmmaker.

Artists from every branch are often waiting to be discovered. It is very important to take the initiative and make sure that people become aware of your film.