Earlier this year, we had witnessed the biggest cinematic offering yet from Marvel Studios with “Avengers: Endgame,” which shattered numerous box office records and grabbing the top spot as the highest grossing movie of all time. Marvel Studios stayed true to its promise that the latest “Avengers” film would be a satisfying conclusion to the one decade of feature films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Of course, this would not be possible without the important people behind the camera.

Now that “Endgame” marked the end of an era, specifically the MCU Phase 3, the fans are beginning to wonder what’s next for the remaining MCU superheroes, especially now that the intergalactic supervillain, Thanos, is finally defeated and reduced to ashes. One thing is for sure: Marvel Studios will not let the public’s attention slipping away after “Endgame,” so we can expect that there is a lot more to watch for in the MCU. With the beginning of Phase 4, the search for the next big villain begins. Of course, this meanie should be at least as taunting and intimidating as Thanos.

The Next Big Meanie Might Have Already Been In The MCU

There is this popular prediction that MCU’s Phase 4 will feature the surprising return of the characters that we already met in the previous movies. For example, Hela, the Goddess of Death, who gave Thor and Loki a very hard time to defeat in “Thor: Ragnarok,” could once again emerge in one of the upcoming Marvel films.

We have already seen how powerful Hela is, and even Thor at his peak strength couldn’t even make a scratch on his big mean sister. Instead, the God of Thunder struggled and was badly injured by Hela in their one-on-one combat. If only the spine specialists from Austin, Texas were there to treat Thor’s injuries, he might have a better chance at defeating Hela. Just imagine Thor’s face when Hela actually ended up alive and made her return in Phase 4 to terrorize the rest of the Avengers. It would be like receiving a prank call from the past!

Going For Something Bigger Than Thanos? Why Not Introduce A Literally Gigantic Cosmic Villain

It is hard to think of a Marvel comic book villain that can match the power of Thanos, except for one. If the fans to see something bigger and more sinister, look no further than the infamous Galactus. The character was first conceived in Fantastic Four comic books, where he was depicted as an enormous, cosmic-level entity that can devour an entire planet. Galactus needs to feed on planets in order to survive, and this is his motivation for killing millions of innocent lives wherever he goes.

Taking all these details in, it can be quite tricky to introduce a character like Galactus in a cinematic scale, more so in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where every character’s traits are carefully fleshed out. Even for a mass murderer like Thanos, the MCU managed to explain how the supervillain came to be. For someone like Galactus, who is basically just hungry for life force in every planet, maybe the studio needs to exert some effort to make the viewers somehow root for the character, or at least accept Galactus as a worthy addition in the MCU.