Are you aware that even student filmmakers are entitled to win an Oscar award? If you’re a teacher and filming in a classroom, you have to consider getting a team of no greater than 5 students. All of the roles that are discussed below could be shared by several students and therefore, it makes the learning well-rounded. On the other hand, if you’re making a movie of your own, you may like to consider how you could mix up the following roles during the process and think of who can assist you in times that you need help.

First of all, there is a quick fix for finding someone who can help you. You may seek referral from friends and colleagues in the industry or, you may go to job boards like in vacatures Overijssel to find competent individuals fit for the position. Regardless, these are the people whom you need to fill in your team.


In essence, this is the leader of the group and in charge for handling the production team from start to finish. The producer is developing the project from initial idea and ensuring that the scripts are finalized. At the same time, it is their responsibility to arrange financing and manage the entire production team who is involved in filmmaking process.

The producer is coordinating as well with everyone in the project to make sure that everyone who is involved is working as per budget and schedule.


The main role of a director is to oversee the shooting as well as the assembly of the film. However, a director would not be making a movie without the assistance of various technicians and artists. Truth is, the concept for a director as an author is quite misleading for the fact that it is assuming the director like having to do everything. Director works as the centerpiece of production but, they’re linked as well with tons of other people needed to get the job done.


Simply speaking, if there’s no script written for characters to say, there is basically no movie to show. This is why their role is extremely important in the completion of a movie.