We know what virtual technology is. It is creating a digital environment. It brings you to places without leaving your location. On the other hand, there is an upgraded version of VR and that is in form of Augmented Reality or AR. This basically is integrating objects in the existing surroundings which makes everything look more interactive and immersive.

And to enjoy AR, you don’t need to buy expensive or fancy equipment. Rather, all you need is your smartphone and you are done. What this mean is that, AR has better flexibility and higher odds to be shared across. This is in fact the same reason why most startups are seeking for ways on how they can incorporate AR to their business.

AR to Wearable Tech

With the recent release of iOS 11 as well as its ARKit, it makes AR closer to common men. ARCore from Google on the other hand is designed for Android users. As a matter of fact, the growth for this market is projected to reach 215 billion dollars by 2021.

Thing is, it’s hard to make predictions since nobody knows how the performance of AR would be in the next decade. Regardless, it’s a promising technology and has real potential. Basically, giant tech companies such as Google keep on revolutionizing AR tech and hardware. Even today, you can find several gadgets that are designed for the purpose of augmented reality. Try searching Amazon great Indian sale for awesome finds!

It’s Cool, yet it’s Functional

Aside from the fact that it’s a great tool to have and the “wow factor” it brings, AR gadgets are extremely functional and is now used in various sectors as well.


Medical applications are big hit today. Believe it or not, this is the second most popular app after games for tablets and smartphones.

With the integration of AR, it opens up more possibilities.

For instance, doctors get to see 3D image of MRI as they talk to their patients or analyze their movements and more.


Augmented Reality has opened up great marketing opportunities. On the other hand, this would only be possible if creativity is matched with it. If used correctly, this brings higher engagement and loyalty to brands as well as their products.