The transformation from the traditional media to digital one has now been extensively experienced in many aspects like the digital marketing in the industry of entertainment. It involves not only the utilization of the computer device but also the convenience and portability of mobile and smart phones. With this, the platforms have been established using the vertical videos

Vertical video is such a thing for brands and advertisers. This simply means that video content is the king.  

It all started from 2015 when Snapchat’s advertisers, for the very first time, took the advantage of using vertical video. Subsequently, in 2018, Instagram launched the IGTV. From here, more social media apps are on track of using this kind of branding and advertising. One on the list is the TikTok app.

The TikTok App

TikTok is a vertical video on a short form that reaches around 680M active users internationally in a month. This app suddenly stepped up to its ladder of success as it overrated the other social media platforms. Being on the top, TikTok is well-known for its exciting challenges and fast-paced trends which generally rooted from its influencer accounts.

Its Audience

Generally, 80% of most app users are located in the US under the age group of 35. 60% of those are female and the remaining 40% are male. And they seriously spend their time in using the app having an average time usage of more than 43 minutes per day.

Its Reputation

It is no surprise that big and well-established brands are now jumping into the opportunity of using this app for branding and advertising. Brands like Netflix, Red Bull, and Nike already created their app profiles and striving hard to feature organic content. Aside from that, these brands are also utilizing the paid placements and that’s one way for them on how to standout on TikTok.

The Vertical Video

Vertical video is now very useful for all types of social media platforms. Most of these platforms are changing to add more opportunities for vertical videos. And this format is generally happening over the social media world right now. However, one may observe that there are still brands that crop a horizontal video and paste it into a new ad space. Yet, the brands that make content very particular on these formats can experience a break through over the clutter, thus, taking full advantage of the usage of vertical videos.