Security is significant to everyone. Any homeowners, for instance, would want a secure and safe abode and be able to monitor and check on their place even when they are away.  At, they have tried out and formed a list of reviews of first-rate hidden surveillance cameras, which features the surveillance products that are discreet, easy and simple to use.

Inside the movie theater, there are individuals who illegally record the movie played to create copies and sell to people in a cheap price. This is a form of piracy; hence the management of theaters or cinemas ensure do certain measures to ensure that people don’t do such.

Stopping And Lessening Media Piracy

PirateEye and Verance Corporation, for example, innovated technologies to lessen or hopefully be able to put a stop to media piracy. PirateEye utilizes cameras in movie theaters to scan for individuals illegally recording the movie, whereas Verance utilizes an audio watermark to identify or detect if a video played on a Blu-ray video player is authentic, and provides options for purchasing if the disc played is found to be a version that is pirated. The project of both companies have gotten monetary support from different film studios.

An audio watermark was created by Verance Corporation placed in films to give an indication to Blu-ray video players that the film played has been unlawfully recorded. After 20 minutes of playing the film, it will stop and prompts the watcher with options or legal sources, like Netflix or Amazon, to keep on watching the film legally.

The watermark authentication process is present on over a hundred Blu-ray players, whereas many top-grossing movies are with audio watermarks. Such technologies are certainly useful in fighting media piracy. The Motion Picture Association of America mentioned that every year, the movie industry is losing billions in sales because of piracy.

PirateEye utilizes a set of cameras that are mounted above a movie screen in theaters which are pointed at the audience to scan and spot devices used for recording pointed at the screen like camcorders and smartphones. This would then alert the security of the theater. The surveillance system was designed after the sniper detection tech utilized by the military.