There are three factors that have to be considered with an outdoor cinema and these would be the social experience, the outdoor environment and obviously, the movies itself. With this in mind, you may be wondering which movie has to be chosen and to what criteria would be used in choosing them. Preferably, there are wide variety of movies and each appeal to a greater audience.

Yet another vital consideration is when choosing movies for watching civic-sanction event is gauging the appropriate content for the audience expected. Having said that, the company that will be providing the pieces of equipment should work closely with you.

After all, summer entertainment is not just entirely about barbequing as well as backyard cricket, though it is totally loveable activity. You can actually make the warm weather work into your advantage and save on expensive movie tickets while having everyone to join in and bond by setting up an outdoor movie.

With just few tips, you will be able to easily create outdoor cinema that is certain to become a summer hit. But in order for this thing to work, you will need the following:

  • Projector
  • Projector or sheet panel
  • Wall or frame
  • Extension cord to be able to reach the closest power supply
  • Comfy chairs, blankets as well as cushions
  • Computer along with your favorite movies and;
  • Good quality speakers

It’s about the Location

Make sure that the area you have chosen is free from rocks and also, dry. If you’re putting down floor cushions and blankets, you may opt to place tarp underneath in keeping the guests comfortable and the fabrics dry as well.

Technical Setup

Put the projector screen or sheet in a secure location from wind. Connect projector and speakers to the film source either from a DVD player or laptop. You should be testing everything so to ensure that it’s working the way they are expected to. Of course, the sound should be crisp and clear and that the image is centered on the screen.


Well depending on the location, provide cushions, blankets or beanbags. To be able to create a welcoming and gorgeous ambience, lighting up citronella candles will be awesome and also, keep mosquitoes away.

If you are having a difficult time to figure out the setup, you may check out some TikTok followers who show their setup on the platform.