Game streaming from remote internet servers may be the future of the industry. If not, then perhaps it could be part of the future. By eliminating the need for buying and owning a game console or PC just to play the latest and new release titles, the medium becomes a lot accessible. Well, you can fully enjoy its benefits if you have a decent and fast internet connection.

Google has recently announced that it will launch its own gaming service platform “Stadia”. As a matter of fact, Google has just relive this idea and brought it to spotlight again.

By the time that it launches, it could be an interesting platform both for seasoned and newcomers in gaming who are also curious when it comes to game streaming over the web.

However, we all know that this isn’t the only cloud gaming platform that available. There are so many competition with some of it was able to develop strong following.

Don’t want to be Trapped in Gaming Vortex?

On the other hand, if you want to stay away from the confusion on which gaming platform to use and still want to play online games, then try it out at Unblocked Games 66 where you can play hundreds to thousands of game titles at your disposal.

Then again, if you’re interested to stream your own PC games to your Mac, tablet, phone or even game console, you may try one or other cloud gaming as well as in-home streaming options available. You’ll be glad to know that some of it are available for free! Say that you prefer to stream games that you do not own, there are companies that have extensive list of games that can be streamed prior the launch of Google Stadia.

Decide on what You really Want

Cloud gaming marketplace of today is populated by tons of recognizable brands such as:

  • Nvidia
  • Steam and;
  • Sony

Together with these big names are galleries of startup claiming to be the best in the market and owning the latest tech to deliver truly immersive and smooth gaming experience. While some of the streaming platforms are free to use, there are others that require a premium. If this is your first time, it would be best to stick to free to use platforms then eventually move on to premium ones.