It is nothing new that video games or even cinema films emerge from video games. The film studios have discovered this field for themselves since the 1990s. At that time, Walt Disney Studios brought a feature film of the same name to the cinema, which is loosely based on Super Mario Bros. from Nintendo. And maybe soon games like AFK (afk arena character tier list) will make it to the movies too.

Despite bad reviews, the film grossed just under $ 21 million worldwide. The fact that the fans do not approve of everything that film studios bring to the screen shows the reaction of numerous players to the first pictures from the Sonic film, which is currently being worked on by producer Tim Miller (Deadpool director).

The Sonic Film

The film is supposed to be a mix of CGI and real film and will come to the cinema this year (November 8) to mark Sonic’s 25th anniversary – but only in the USA. Now there were recently the first pictures of the blue Sega hedgehog on which you could see the computer-animated figure in full size and blue fur and the reactions of the fans to it were rather … well, let’s say carefully mixed.

Doom: Annihilation

And also in other current game adaptations, the fans are already struggling with the first trailers, as with the newDoomfilm “Doom: Annihilation”. This film, which is due to be released on DVD and Blu-ray in the autumn – so it doesn’t even come to the cinema before – was announced shortly after the trailer was released already numerous fans with negative comments. The 30-second teaser has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube alone and has already garnered around 22,000 downvotes, which are only countered by around 1400 “thumbs up”.

The Angry Birds

There are also numerous feature films with animated game heroes. While some such as the Angry Birds film (the second part of which will be released in August in cinemas) were actually quite successful at the box office ($ 350 million gross), most others ended up on the flop list.

Pokemon the Movie

Nintendo’sPokémonInterest in the box office has waned in recent years. If the first animated film in the series ( Pokémon: The Movie ) pulled the cinemas just under $ 173 million out of their wallets

Feature films in international cinema

Since the Super Mario film from 1993, numerous game heroes have made it onto the big screen. Who does not remember the Street Fighter filming with Jean-Claude van Damme from 1994, which, despite the lowest ratings, was still able to generate almost $ 100 million?

In terms of revenue, the film version of Resident Evil from 2002, with which a Capcom title ventured onto the big screen, was just behind. Ubisoft was less fortunate in 2008 with the Uwe Boll film adaptation of Far Cryin which Til Schweiger played the main role and Udo Kier gave the villain. With just $ 743,000 grossing worldwide, this film was a real economic flop.

Only Postal (also from Uwe Boll) did even worse, it came to the cinemas in 2007 and could only get there just under $ 147,000. Uwe Boll ended his career as a director in 2016 and then retired from the film business.