New subscribers to Netflix should know why “Money Heist,” an original Spanish 2017 mini TV-series was the most-viewed non-English Netflix series in the year 2018,

Originally titled as “La Casa de Papel” the show’s Spanish producer Alex Pina, intended to run the series in 15 episodes, aired in two parts via Antenna 3 TV network in Spain. That was back in 2017, and before Netflix acquired the rights to stream the series globally in the later part of the year.

The streaming giant then streamed the first part worldwide in December of the same year, after recutting “La Casa de Papel” into into 22 shorter episodes; whilst giving it the English title “Money Heist”. Netflix streamed the second installment in April 2018 and since then has become one of the most awaited Netflix TV series.

In fact, the streaming behemoth responded to the clamor for its return by renewing contracts with the producer and the original cast for 16-episodes. Streamed as Part 3 In July 2019 and Part 4 last April 03, 2020 to the delight of “Money Heist” fans, especially at a time when they have to stay at home under lockdown orders.

Brief Teaser about Netflix’s “Money Heist” Feature

La Casa de Papel, which is roughly translated in English as The House of Papers refers to the Royal Mint of Spain in Part 1 and the Central Bank of Spain in Part 2. Although a crime-themed series, much of the scenes also depict the drama enshrouding the lives of the people involved in the heist, including those of the female police inspector leading the negotiation team and of some hostages.


The actors, from the mastermind and orchestrator known as “The Professor,” to on-site leader Berlin, provide surprising twists and interesting character transformations that succeeded in making the series even more gripping. In giving insights to some of the heist perpetrators, a strong-willed member of the group known by her codename Tokyo, narrates some parts of the story.

Since Part 2 is about another multi-billion plan to rob no less than the federal Bank of Spain it is obvious that the “Money Heist” group, was able to pull off the $2.4 billion caper in Part 1’s Royal Mint robbery. Going into further details will only spoil the excitement when watching the series unfold in Parts from the beginning, up to the latest 2020 installment.