Toronto, the city of Hollywood, the host of the Toronto International Film Festival, is vibrant with everything related to film making every September on the second weekend of September. We are no exception. The bug in the movie asked us. Written a lot about the most iconic dresses and shoes in film fashion and cinema, but decided to think about the most iconic bags on the screen. Most of the characters are always adorned with coin purses, but they have influenced the story and there is a special symbol that introduces a special main item, the top bag. 


List of Well-Known Bags 

Camel Hermès Birkin in Blue Jasmine

In an interview with Blanch’s Harper’s Bazaar UK, the film’s clothing budget was over $35,000, including Chanel Jacket, Red Carolina Herrera Dress, Roger Bivière, Ralph Lauren and Alberta Ferretti. In addition, the package wait list is too long. Suzy Benzinger, head of the closet department, told the Hermes news team and what Kate had lent them. “I borrowed a PR girl bag, but I didn’t find it until I put it on the sidewalk seven times,” Blanchett said.

Fendi Baguette:

This Fendi wallet is not only part of the scenario, but also the ratio of “false and real” stories in the show. “Replica Fendi”as identified by Charlotte, and Carrie was stunned that the tote was aspect of Playboy Bunny.

Red Crocodile Hermès Kelly in Le Divorce

This red crocodile leather wallet is a symbol of Edgar’s mistress. Other characters in the film, such as the mother and the boss of Isabelle, immediately recognized the hostessiezabel. This package received a lot of attention because it is not suitable for young or unconscious young Isabel. Later, when the relationship became difficult, she lent it to her mother and eventually threw a pressure gun on the Eiffel Tower, symbolically ending part of her life.

Duffel packs are easier to steal than bags. duffle bag vs suitcase? For example, the duffel bag material is easier to slice than a hard cuff pocket. On the other hand, suitcases can be locked at any time, even if they are built or actually locked.