Almost gone are the days when we go into cinema and watch blockbuster films! The advent of Covid-19 took a toll into the movie industry and forces several movie houses to shutdown indefinitely. Basically, since March, cinemas have no operations because of the spread of Covid-19 and several studios rescheduled releases until such time that they can reopen. As for seniorsjoy, this doesn’t automatically mean that there’s no other means to get entertained.

The idea of going out to movies is definitely going to be a bit different and newer strategies are set in place by theater owners. All of this is in an effort to have a safe reopening. This can actually change the landscape of how movie theaters and the industry as a whole.

Upcoming Attractions

First of all, customers are expected to wear a mask. And while health guidelines are going to vary depending on the state, the standard measures for Covid19 will still be set in place like the utilization of face mask both by staffs and patrons. There are venues that might provide disposable mask right at front door but it is likely that you’re expected to have one of your own.

Of course, doing temperature checks will be part of the process before entering the premises. While such checks are not entirely accurate, it is capable of weeding out the obvious cases for Covid-19. There are venues that have also opted to using handheld temperature readers to be able to scan patrons and staffs. However as for a bigger audience or crowd, this method might not be entirely effective.

Boundaries in Applied Measures

Needless to say, there will be limitations to doing temperature checks. Not because a person has no fever, it doesn’t mean that they are free from the virus. There are people who can be asymptomatic or now showing any kind of symptoms of the virus and transmit it to others. In addition to that, fever-reducing medications could lower the fever of a certain individual.

Ticket Buying

To get into the door as well, customers need to buy their ticket either through a dedicated app or an online platform before arriving at the drive-in theater. As a matter of fact, several venues are proactively seeking for ways of removing physical interactions and eliminate the requirement for a paper ticket.