A child’s birthday party will never be complete without the presence of a clown. There was a time where everyone is excited to witness what a clown will do, what magic tricks he has under his sleeve and inside his big colorful jacket, what animals can he do with his balloons, and what games have he prepared that makes everyone as hyped as kids. But, in this generation without even taking notice of it, that has greatly changed in a drastic way.

Clowning: Scary Or Funny

Clowns are known for their very colorful makeup that puts a smile on everyone’s faces just like Natalie Rose does. That bright red nose that squeaks so much, and the pale white skin that greatly puts contrast to everything colorful that he wears on his face and his costume. Clowns are funny, friendly, and are loved by everyone. But this person of entertainment has also a dark side to tell. Several people actually suffer from a phobia called Coulrophobia, which is basically the fear of clowns. Movies have depicted this sweet birthday man into a person of evil and wickedness and even transformed his cute makeup into something very scary and psychopathic.

Clowning is now drowned by ideas of mayhem, and surely, we are missing the traditional clowning we have gotten so used to. But, the depiction of movies like this one when thoroughly examined can actually cater to deeper thought. Clowns are something of a great and fun childhood, turning them into a nightmare can be a great portrayal of struggle and adjusting to life as you grow up. The depiction of how life is not always sunshine and walks, but can also be dark and vile. The mere altercation of makeup yet the use of the same color scheme is something that can explain how things of good can also be turned bad in this life.

But, it is very exciting to think that there are actually no clowns dressed up in dark clothing, and that can also mean that as clowning turns ferocious and evil, it can definitely go back to being fun and loved, and again that is life.