The diets and workout routines of our favorite actors and actresses seem like a mystery until their trainers disclosed some of their tips and tricks.

A trend that has been existing in Hollywood for several years now when it comes to getting in proper weight and fit is weight lifting. Yes, while a lot of people believe that maintaining a proper figure is related with a strict diet, it is not always the case, especially when it comes to movie actors. Also, it is during this time when “weight lifting is not only for men but also for women” is being normalized.

Here are some actresses and celebrities who have been doing lift weighting for a lot of years now:

Hilary Duff

A lot of people did not know the workout routine of Hilary Duff until she posted a video of her doing weightlifting. She also mentioned during an interview that she loves how weight or strength training is helping her in various aspects of her everyday life. The strength training that she does involve hip thrusts, medicine balls, and utilizing weight lifting machines.

Khloe Kardashian

You might be wondering what specific type of weight training Khloe K. does. Well, she is fond of lifting heavyweights. According to her personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson,  Khloe loves squats, and kettle swings.

Kate Upton

This supermodel is a proud weight lifting enthusiast. During her first few months of doing weight lifting, she said that she was anxious and restless. But she never gave up and proved to herself, so he tried harder. Now, she is able to do a 200-pound hip thrust.

Gal Gadot

Our Wonder Woman said in an interview that she is a fond of TRX training. But since she had to do strict weight training for her wonder woman role, she had to work out for 5 hours a day.

With that, she gained 13 pounds of muscle.

Gwen Stefani

The famous singer Gwen Stefani allots most of her time doing weight training and cardio exercises. She also said she loves utilizing barbell squats and doing military press.