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Since the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it can be complicated to keep social ties and have fun with your loved ones and friends. Most of us would like to hang out and do things, but in the interests of everybody staying healthy, that is not feasible for many people.

Nevertheless, while it is still not sensible to go to movies, concerts, or sports nights with friends, there are still ways that you can enjoy films, songs, and games together. Below are a few of the approaches to enjoy such activities with friends online whilst keeping a safe space.

Games to play

The wonderful thing about video games as is that nearly all consoles and games have a social device — significance, an integrated method for one to speak to others and hang out together. Many games are multiplayer or possess online co-op, which means that you can enjoy them together with friends without needing to do some additional work. As a sign, a match such as Fortnite is still a fantastic, free alternative, but we also advocate online card games like Spider Solitaire.

Nevertheless, not everybody has a gaming console or even a game-ready PC, and that is also fine. Additionally, there are quite a few great games for mobiles, tablet computers, and plugins. Thus, even if you (or among your friends) do not have the hardware, then it’s still possible to find methods of hanging out collectively.

Movies & TV programs to see

Unlike matches, it can be difficult to watch items together from a space. As somebody with friends throughout the world, I have been attempting to discover random answers to viewing things for many years — shout-out to the days when my pals and I needed to watch films by locating a sync point and counting to begin at precisely the exact same time, a la RiffTrax. But fortunately, we are living in a less-primitive time, also you will find choices.

The only disadvantage is that the majority of the choices are the third party and ask that you get familiar with new applications. The exclusion is Amazon, which will be functioning on a Watch Party attribute for Prime Video. If you are comfortable using Twitch to flow the displays, you might even use that sight’s fresh Watch Party attribute, although I just recommend that if you are already knowledgeable about flowing on Twitch.


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But if you do not mind a little additional effort, there are loads of programs and apps you may use to view shows and movies from streaming providers collectively. One of our favorite apps to utilize is Netflix Party. In addition, we advise using Discord’s useful live streaming attribute, which enables you to flow browser windows into a little group of buddies in a voice conversation. Having a voice conversation built-in surely makes it feel much more like a normal movie night. Bring your own popcorn.

Music to listen to

Music is both easier and trickier. As soon as it’s the simplest thing on earth to link your buddy a song you prefer, but you may discover that tiny errands. In case you’ve got a bigger group of friends and you want to share songs, I recommend something similar to Discord, in which a lot of people may throw audio into a conversation station such as a communal stew pot.

Nevertheless, if this sounds like a lot of effort for on Discord only to talk about songs, a number of the very popular music websites do provide some sharing choices for their own. To this end, I suggest creating a collaborative playlist on YouTube Music or Spotify, since it will essentially make it possible for you and your buddies to construct your personal radio station of sorts.

And that is it! Hopefully, these suggestions will help get you through this period of social distancing. Great luck!