Old-school games such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders or Galaga bring so much memory. Sad that they are not played in the arcades anymore. So what if you have the strong urge of playing these types of games? What you should do then? Luckily, you are not lost for hope. Playing these games are all possible on a PC. Basically, all that you need to do is to download arcade emulator software. These programs are actually free and easy to use.

Emulators on the Go

Few of the most popular options are:

  • Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator or MAME which supports more than 2700+ games on various hardware
  • Kawaks that focused more on SNK NeoGeo, CPS-2 and CAPCOM CPS-1 hardware
  • Raine that is into Jaleco, Taito as well as Capcom games
  • Modeler that specializes on Sega Model-1 and Sega System 32 games
  • Nebula that’s into konami, NeoGeo CD, NeoGeo, CPS-2, Capcom CPS-1 and PGM games
  • Daphne that supports Laserdisc games like Space ace or Dragon’s lair

Of course, there are new emulators being introduced every now and then. All these emulators have the same goal and that is to provide assistance among avid gamers to play old school games from their PC.

Some of these are GBC for Game Boy Color, GBA for Game Boy Advance, PSX for Play Station, DeSmuME for Nintendo DS, PCSX2 for Play Station 2 and PPSSPP for PSP. All of these emulators can be easily downloaded on websites online.

Therefore, finding one should not pose any problems.

Don’t Forget about ROMs

As for the ROMs, you will have to do this part on your own. More often than not, these are not protected by any intellectual properties and you might not be able to find them if you do not own the original game. But there are good sources where you can start like RomsMania, RomsMode.com, emuparadise, Rom Hustler, Coolrom and so forth.

On top of that, to make the gameplay even more old school, it will be highly recommended to get yourself an arcade controller. Though this one is optional, it is sure to give you that authentic classic gaming experience. If you think that it will be a hard find, you are wrong because there actually many Instagram pages that buy Instagram likes to increase their engagement and sell more of these stuff.