Who can resists to love shoes? And seeing shoes starring a movie is really worth watching which is more than producing an ideal film for product advertising. No matter what kind of shoes the characters are wearing, whether it is a classy stiletto or best non-slip shoes, anyone will really enjoy watching. Shoes may dictate the role and the conviction of every character in the story.

Shoes determine not only the attire but also the attitude of each character.

Movies In Which Shoes Are The Stars

Here are the list of the best classical movies in which shoes become the center of the story.


Cinderella is the best classical fairy tale movie of all time being famous for searching for the owner of the glass slipper left on the palace. A Hollywood version of this movie became a hit in March 2015. When it was released on its first week, it already penetrated the top spot box office hit.

The new live-action version of Cinderella garnered around $130 million internationally during its first few days of screening. In this movie, the Swarovski glass slipper almost steal the spotlight. This made so because of the fantastic scenario where in the perfect-fitting moment of Cinderella and the glass slippers took place is the main point of this fairy tale movie.


This dance movie was played on the big screen in 1987 as it pointed on economic social blockade and abortion. Dirty Dancing is also a movie which have unforgettable moments together with the all-white colored Keds. This shoe public appearance with Jennifer Grey’s dance step put this movie on the limelight.


The cameo role of Nike sneakers had already got its onscreen moment in this movie in 1989. This self-lacing sneakers was owned by Marty McFly portrayed by Michael J. Fox. Subsequently, this placed the creation of the true Nike Air Mag.


The musical fantasy film of 1939 have the lead characters Dorothy, the Tin Man, Toto and Kansas references. It became popular due to the ruby slippers of Judy Garland. That slippers became one of the collectors item of today’s time as one of their movie memorabilia.