The $40 million lawsuit filed against the companies involved in the production of “Hustlers,” a movie starring JLo, failed to garner favorable court ruling.

Last year, the touted inspiration of “Hustler,” Samantha Barbash sued production companies Pole Sisters LLC, STX Entertainment, and Gloria Sanchez Production for $40 million. She claimed that the said film outfits profited from her “likeness” as a real-life adult entertainer and at the same time slandered her image in the movie.

According to Barbash, the film violated her rights by stealing her story as she did not receive compensation or gained anything from it. However, the federal judge in U.S District Court Southern District of New York ruled in favor of the production companies. The presiding federal judge said that even though “Hustler” was based on Barbash’s life story, the court took note that Barbash’s picture, name, voice, or any of her likenesses were not utilized in the film.

The court also found out that although Jennifer Lopez was involved in the production of the film, she did not receive a professional fee for starring in the movie. It was reported that the movie, which was produced on a $20 million budget, was an unexpected box office hit; being an indie film that was able to generate more than $157 million globally.

About the “Hustler” Movie

“Hustler” featured Jennifer Lopez in the role of “Ramona Vega,” a New York City stripper who came up with a scheme of hiring co-strippers to exploit Wall Street clients; drugging them and then manipulating them in order to take money from their bank accounts. Even though the plot of the movie is similar to Barbash’s story, it was made to appear as having its own concept ; such as including different characters and their backstories, as well as different names and relationships.

The movie was well received at the box office as it merited approval form movie critics as well as received good ratings from film review website Rotten Tomatoes.