Children’s films: Entertainment meets educational benefit

Edutainment is a so-called suitcase word, consisting of entertainment and education. The main thing here is not to neglect the fun factor when imparting knowledge. In addition to the quality of the content, a good children’s film naturally also needs high entertainment value. It is useless if the film theoretically offers a lot of information […]

Enjoying Entertainment Activities Online With Friends During COVID Crisis

  Since the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it can be complicated to keep social ties and have fun with your loved ones and friends. Most of us would like to hang out and do things, but in the interests of everybody staying healthy, that is not feasible for many people. Nevertheless, while it is still not […]

$40 Million Lawsuit vs.”Hustler” Failed to Garner Favorable Ruling

The $40 million lawsuit filed against the companies involved in the production of “Hustlers,” a movie starring JLo, failed to garner favorable court ruling. Last year, the touted inspiration of “Hustler,” Samantha Barbash sued production companies Pole Sisters LLC, STX Entertainment, and Gloria Sanchez Production for $40 million. She claimed that the said film outfits […]

Fun and Convenience of Shopping Online

If you are wanting to experiment using another style style than you are utilized to, then you might have a great deal of fun searching for trend online. Searching for trend on the internet is fun as you may peruse different shops, fashions, colours and fabrics all with a click of their mouse. Therefore, in […]

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November 2020