Read This Right Now – Surveys, Movie Reviews And Movie Ratings

Read this right now to know more about the importance of surveys. Businesses across every industry carry out surveys to have answers to particularly crucial questions essential to the improvements and success of a business. These questions vary, cover an array of topics and come in diverse formats. The questions and format need to be […]

Movies: Marketing Tips for Filmmakers

It is often difficult for filmmakers to make their own film available to the general public. In addition to the high production costs, the budget is usually no longer sufficient for a large advertising campaign. For this reason, it is important to identify alternative advertising channels. These can support film producers in increasing awareness. Social […]

4 Essential Tips when Getting a Sound Bar

As you search the internet or even online stores for sound bars thse days, you will be greeted with hundreds or even thousands of relevant results. There are different brands and makes and each has unique feature associated to it. Depending on your needs whether for personal entertainment or business purpose like in your, […]

How Movie Theaters are Coping with the Challenges brought by Covid19?

Almost gone are the days when we go into cinema and watch blockbuster films! The advent of Covid-19 took a toll into the movie industry and forces several movie houses to shutdown indefinitely. Basically, since March, cinemas have no operations because of the spread of Covid-19 and several studios rescheduled releases until such time that […]

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September 2020