Cigar Smoking: Like Watching A Movie

A Cigar Review is a helpful and useful guide to cigar smoking. Such reviews could give you the basics of cigars and cigars smoking, help you look for the best type of cigar as there are numerous types to choose from, the perfect cigar and scotch pairing, as well as how to truly enjoy your […]

Georgia’s Entertainment Sector Not Inclined to Reopen Prematurely

Last April 20, 2020, Ga. Gov. Brian Kemp announced a bold plan to reopen theaters on April 27; but Georgia’s entertainment sector did not take the bait.   Apparently, the Republican governor is looking to revive Georgia’s economically significant entertainment industry as early as possible. That is considering that numerous film and TV productions like […]

A Glimpse at the Link Between Movies and Video Games

The link between video games and movies came around when advancements in technologies improved video game graphics and processor speed. Developers of video games started incorporating realistic depictions of their background story. As a result, many popular video games drew attention as bankable sources of film materials. As plots, realms, characters and realistic fast-paced actions […]

Top Five Coffee Moments in American Film History

Coffee has always played a part in American films, from Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Coffee and Cigarettes. Coffee is perhaps among the best accessory to define a character and settings in a film. However, not all coffee is the same, and not all movies are shown at the most popular or decisive moments. we have […]

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